Cupressocyparis leylandii - Leyland Cypress

Cupressocyparis leylandii

Leyland Cypress

Categories: Tree

One of the most popular evergreens for quick growing screens available. Dense bluish-green, wispy foliage on upright slender branches contributes to its gracefulness. The leyland keeps its naturally pyramidal shape as it matures. Makes an excellent windbreak, screen or single specimen.

We offer the leyland cypress (single leader) 30" to 36" in a 5 gallon container and a 4' to 5' in a 10 gallon container.
We also offer the leyland cypress (single leader) 5' to 6' in a 15 gallon container.

More About Cupressocyparis leylandii

  • Quick growing screen or specimen.
  • Easily transplanted from container.
  • Nice green year-round color.
  • Attractive reddish brown, scaly bark.

Interesting Notes:

When planting a leyland cypress as a single specimen give it plenty of room to grow.  As it matures it can spread 15 to 20 feet in diameter and can grow in heights of 60 to 70 feet tall.  When used as a windbreak or privacy screen plant 6 to 8 feet apart in a row; the tree will maintain about a 6 to 8 foot diameter with an estimated height of 20 to 30 feet tall.

Leyland Cypress Growing and Maintenance Tips

Fertilize in spring with an all purpose fertilizer for acid loving plants before new growth begins. The recommended spacing for a windbreak or a privacy screen is 6 to 8 feet apart. Click on the "About Us" tab to find planting instructions.


60-70 Feet


15-20 Feet

Hardiness Zone:


Cupressocyparis leylandii Characteristics


  • Full Sun

Soil Moisture

  • Average Water


  • Low Maintenance
  • Evergreen
  • Vigorous
  • Focal Point


  • Upright

Genus Overview: Cupressocyparis

Common Name: Leyland Cypress