Malus domestica 'Liberty'

Liberty Apple

Categories: Fruit

The Liberty Apple has a late-harvest season. The skin color is red and the flesh is crisp and juicy with a somewhat tart taste. Good for fresh eating, fried apples, compotes....holds its shape well being cooked. This apple does require two pollination partners that cross-pollinate each other as well as the Liberty. Pollinators include: Jonathan, Yellow Delicious, Cortland, Freedom, Golden Delicious, and Red McIntosh

We offer the Liberty Apple in a 15 gallon container.

More About Malus domestica 'Liberty'

  • Disease resistant
  • Ripens early October
  • Skin color - red with yellow background
  • Flesh - slightly tart
  • Sought after by home apple growers

Interesting Notes:

This variety needs two pollination partners (of two different varieties) and they need to be able to cross pollinate each other as well as the Liberty.  

Liberty Apple Growing and Maintenance Tips

Liberty Apple was bred to have resistance to apple scab and has low susceptibility to cedar-apple rust, fireblight and powdery mildew. 

The first seedling was produced in 1955 from pollinating 'Macoun' x 'Purdue 54-12' for the sake of acquiring Malus floribunda disease resistances. 


12-15 ft


12-15 ft


12-15 ft

Hardiness Zone:


Malus domestica 'Liberty' Characteristics


  • Full Sun

Soil Moisture

  • Moist, Well-Drained


  • Edible

Foliage Color

  • Multi-Color
  • Green


  • Upright

Season of Interest (Flowering)

  • Spring
  • Summer

Season of Interest (Foliage)

  • Fall

Plants that work well with Malus domestica 'Liberty'

Jonathan Apple Jonathan Apple (Malus domestica 'Jonathan')
Yellow Delicious Apple Yellow Delicious Apple (Malus domestica 'Yellow Delicious')
Cortland Apple Cortland Apple (Malus domestica 'Cortland')