Acer Japanese Maple 'Red Dragon'

Japanese Maple

Categories: Tree

Fall foliage is heightened in color to a bright apple red. A beautiful focal point or close-up accent for lightly shaded locations.

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More About Acer Japanese Maple 'Red Dragon'

  • Leaves are deeply dissected for an attractive lacy texture.
  • Maintains good color in heat, resistant to leaf scorch.
  • Essential to Asian garden style.

Interesting Notes:

Bright cherry red new growth, leaves are deeply dissected for an attractive lacy texture.

Japanese Maple Growing and Maintenance Tips

Plant in a location protected from strong winds. Stake trunk for more erect growth or leave alone for a full cascading effect. Pruning is best kept to a minimum, but if needed should be done in late fall to mid-winter. Mulch helps to retain soil moisture and keep roots cool.

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3-5 ft


5-6 ft


8-10 ft

Genus Overview: Acer

Common Name: Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) are known for their colorful foliage through the growing season. Upright multi-stemmed with lobe shaped leaves or graceful cascading with lace type leaves. New cultivars are available in shades of green, pink and variegated. The gray-brown bark is smooth even in maturity. It produces burgundy-red flowers with yellow stamens that are borne on upright or drooping clusters as they emerge in spring.  Leaves turn a crimson red in the fall.  This small deciduous tree is a great addition in smaller gardens and patios.  Full sun or partial shade.